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Concrete Restoration

Concrete is an important part of the structure and sustainability of your building. Your concrete, in order to support your building, must be in good shape. CI Restoration can help ensure that the concrete in areas such as podium decks, parking garages and balconies are providing you with the best results.

What Is Concrete Restoration?
Concrete restoration is simply the process of repairing old and damaged concrete, thus restoring it to its original appearance. There’s a difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration. While repairing damaged concrete might fix any structural issues with the concrete, it doesn’t pay close attention to aesthetics. With concrete restoration, you’re getting both benefits.

Building Envelope

Your building envelope includes all the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors. Building envelopes include the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows and doors.
Regularly inspecting your building envelope is essential, preventative maintenance. If problems are detected early costly repairs may be avoided.

If you do require repairs, CI Restoration will be happy to provide you with an assessment of the issue and a detailed repair plan.

Here are some indicators that could signal an envelope problem:
• mould or fungi formation
• wood rot
• water flowing down the sides of the building instead of running off from the eaves and drainpipes
• wind blowing through the walls
• peeling paint
• cracked or missing sealants (caulking)

or if there are:
• water stains on inside walls, ceilings or inside the foundation
• gaps that allow the weather to get through the walls
• pools of water on the decks
• windows that are wet on the inside.


CI Restoration can provide you with licensed qualified engineers for any of your restoration projects. We have helped clients design scopes of work, supervise projects, comment on 3rd party work and much more. We would be happy to choose the perfect engineer for your project.


Balconies are a very important part of your building. Not only for resident enjoyment but also for curb appeal. It is crucial that your balconies are safe to enjoy, but also help to build your buildings curb appeal and asset value. CI Restoration can help inspect, and restore your balconies to their original lustre or perhaps form part of your building upgrade plan.

Podium Work

Your podium is one of your building’s unsung heroes but not much thought is given to it until it begins to fail.  Podium decks usually support buildings, garages or courtyards and separate these from underground structures. When your podium requires work you need someone who can negotiate the complex tasks needed to make this project a success. Allow CI Restoration to show you how we can help you and your residents restore your podium.

Window Replacement

Every building, as it ages, requires window replacement.  Whether this is only a few windows or the entire building, careful thought must go into the type and style as well as the project management of the replacement. CI Restoration has the experience to help you navigate this multi-layered type of project.